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Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day on 3/21

By Sara Middlebrook

Grab a pen and mark 3/21 — the date signifying the triplication of chromosome 21 — on your calendar as World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD). WDSD began in 2006 as an effort by Down Syndrome International to earmark a day when those throughout the world who have a connection to Down syndrome could organize and participate in events to raise public awareness, understanding and acceptance of those with Down syndrome.

How You Can Celebrate WDSD:

  • Post a message on your Facebook, blog and/or Twitter pages to raise awareness and share with others your reason for celebrating 3/21.
  • Ask your employer to authorize a Dress Down for Down Syndrome Day to help raise awareness. Information, posters and stickers are available through the DSAWM.
  • Ask your place of worship to post information on Down syndrome and World Down Syndrome Day in the weekly bulletin or their March newsletter.
  • Talk to your child’s classroom about Down syndrome, using information from the Simple Answers to Kids’ (not so simple) Questions about Down Syndrome or How Do I Talk About Down Syndrome? brochures.

Tell us how you plan to celebrate WDSD so we can inspire others to be involved! To share your ideas, or to receive Dress Down Day information or World Down Syndrome Day buttons, contact the DSAWM at 616-956-3488 or

Change Attitudes

People First Language

People with Down syndrome should be treated with respect. Using People First Language puts a person first - before his or her disability.  Click here to learn more.

Spread the Word to End the Word

End the R-Word PSA


Across the United States and around the globe, young people on college campuses, in high school cafeterias and workaday offices have joined a movement of mutual respect and human dignity.  The goal:  get people to stop and think about their hurtful and disparaging use of the word “retard” and pledge to stop using it.

Join thousands of people across the globe in making a difference.  Make your pledge to end the R-word now!

Legislative Alerts!

Click on the links below to learn about current initiatives at the federal and state level, receive legislative alerts via e-mail and and what you can do to help make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities.

• Arc Michigan Action Alerts
• NDSS Policy Center

Contact Your Elected Officials

If you would like to contact your State or Federal elected officials, the following sites will help you identify the individual and their contact information.

• State of Michigan
   Locate your District

• State of Michigan
   Locate your State Senator

• Federal
   Locate your U.S. Senator or    Representative

The Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan is an affiliate of:
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